Thoughts through the years from a serial Entrepreneur

Worst tested web launch ever, PC Optimum

Feb 07, 2018

If you are going to launch a big exciting new web site and tell 10's of millions of people to come. You probably should do some testing first! PC Optimum did a very poor job.

Stupid things about Windows 10

Oct 24, 2017

I use many operating systems on many computers. For the most part I like Windows 10 the best. But there are some things that just drive me crazy.

Best CMMS Review

Mar 02, 2013

A hunt for a CMMS software system that is easy to start to use, easy to learn, modern and can grow as my company grows and doesn't cost several million dollars to get setup and running like a SAP system.

Best practices Inventory Count

Sep 04, 1993

I've had a bit of experience in inventory count, and I've though more about it - yes I think about weird things! Here are some thoughts that might help you if you are doing inventory counts (or should be.)