Do you have Tinntus, Ringing of the ears?

Many people have this condition, they hear hiss and banging in their ears, a constant noise that drives them (well me at least) crazy, and they spend lots of time and effort trying unsuccessfully to fix it.

Doctors (at least the 4 of mine I've had since it became a problem) simply said, sorry, learn to live with it. Try to lower your stress level so it doesn't bother you so much.

But they offered me no cures. And 2 of the 4 doctors I really do respect for everything else I've seen them do for me, my immediate and extended family, so these doctors aren't 'quacks'.

So, I've tried many methods and if I 'advertised' them here, I'd make money if you bought them.

But they didn't help, so I'm simply going to recommend you try, for a measly $40 (a lot less than most medications): If it doesn't work for you - you get yor $40 back, seriously.

So, go to www.TinnitusMiracle.com, spend the $40 for their info. Try it out. If it works for you (and it seems it works for most people) - send me a thank you (chocolate is good  for me - the warning on page 140 fortunately doesn't apply to me!), If you're part of the small minority form whom it doesn't bring significant relief, just as to get your $40 back under their guarantee that it will work.

Now, while most of the info they provide is good, last I checked they also throw in some freebies including one on the religion of Yoga and some of the info in the main book is on Yoga. I ignored that entirely as I am Chistian and do not want that religious influence. Some people purport that Yoga is 'not a religion' but anyone who spends a bit of time studying it will see it clearly is.

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