Who would marry a "Madman Pierre"?

Mrs. Janice Lynn Horwood (previously Miss Janice Lynn Luft) would, many years ago now.

Lots of People want to know what type of lady would marry someone like me. If you are one of them, you'll just have to arrange to meet Jan someday! We have been married for more than 2 decades (as of 2008).  (Oh and you can call her Janice or Jan. Just don't call her Janet please!)

For some reason though, she decided we should get married on April 2nd rather than April 1st. I wonder why...

She 'volunteers' at the school many many hours and is the volunteer coordinator too. She is the administrative assistant at the school doing tons of computer work

She was in charge of the Nursery program at our "little" (5000+ attendance) Church . (An excellent Church for anyone in the Calgary area). And for several years after we moved to Airdrie Alliance Church, she continued to volunteer there for the Cubbies program weekly.

She is a life group leader (lay pastor) and Sunday School Superintendent (They have new titles, but this title is descriptive) at our current Church: Airdrie Alliance (An excellent Church for anyone in the Airdrie area). She also volunteers in a couple other areas as well including the Prayer chain.

She was owner and publisher of SilverStream Journal, Inc. Started it the day our 4th child started grade 1.

And of course, I'm her husband. But don't criticize her too much for that decision.