My current weight loss management, 2019

I'm not going to put up a bunch of boring blogs that you have to wade through to read the details - after all I assume MOST people are going to read this long after all the entries and updates are done. I'm going to just keep editing this one, hopefully once a week (likely Wednesday evenings) to tell you were I'm at if you care. I'll create a new blog for maintaining my weight after I lose the weight. So - if you are reading this in real time - and you really care - check back each Friday and I should have everything updated by then. I work with MRO software (Maintenance, Repair and Operations). When I look at my weight from that perspective, my current state is the Repair state. Sadly I can't use my Maintenance Connection software to help. Not even our mobile offline app will help with this, this is the real world and software isn't the solution! A different page after will deal with my weight maintenance after I achieve my weight loss goal.

I am combining 44/4 and 68/4 Intermittent fasting with exercise, primarily at the most fun place I've seen in Calgary to get exercise, Inja Nation where we have a membership so we (my 5 youngest kids aged 3 to 6 and I) can go as often as we like. I get HIIT there 2-3 times a week speed climbing and trampolining and obstacle courses. Most days I can only do 90 minutes before I'm exhausted, but we usually stay 2 hours.

End of Week 1, 2019.07.31 (technically 3 days) As expected I lost 9 lbs quickly. Yes I drank a lot of water. Based on this I decided that WEDNESDAYs would be my weekly target day. Most weeks I will be allowed to eat on Wednesday at 4pm, so basically the question each week will be, was I, at 4pm on Wednesday, at or below or above my target weight? Then, I will adjust the NEXT week target to be 7lbs below actual. My hope is: When I lose MORE than 7lbs in a week I will be excited by the success and eat less to keep on track. When I lose LESS than 7lbs in a week I will be disappointed by the failure and eat less to get back on track. Yes I understand how silly that sounds - but ... we'll see if I know myself or not. So my weight is nominally 233lbs today, that makes my target for next Wednesday 226lbs.

End of Week 2, 2019.08.07 Target: 226lbs, Reality: 225bs, total 17lbs lost in 10 days. Success plus1! I didn't expect to because of having a wonderful wedding feast on Saturday, and eating 4 times in 4 hours on Monday, and not eating very lightly the other 2 days. But I followed the rules and achieved better than success, 8lbs in 7 days.

End of Week 3, 2019.08.14 Target: 218lbs,  Reality: 220lbs, only lost 5lbs, total 22lbs lost in 17 days. (I went to a smorg, Rosebud dinner theatre, on Friday ... didn't eat as much as usual, but I still ate a lot. And the other 2 meals this week I definitely ate more than I usually do at a meal. So ... is the biggest problem that I ate too much, or that my metabolism is messed up or that 7lbs a week really is too aggressive of a goal? I don't know.)

End of Week 4, 2019.08.21 Target: 213lbs,  Reality? Come back to find out.

Published: 2019.Aug.06     Last edited: 2019.Aug.17


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