The premium rental location for any ULeth student!

Walk to school, Walk home for lunch!

If you are looking for a room for Spring/Summer semester(s) - contact us now while the best rental option for UofL students is still available. We will be offering a discount for rent in the months May through August and you will get first right of refusual for the fall. (This is subject to change when we have all 3 rooms rented in the fall, but we will of course let you know if that is the situation.)

If you are looking for a Fall room - contact us now for your choice of room.

Do you want the best location in the nicest house in Lethbridge? We offer 14 Acadia Road West, Lethbridge, Alberta. This means you are a minute's walk away from the West Central entrance to the University! Walk to school, go home for lunch, go home to get the assignment you forgot to bring the day it was due! The owners are University of Lethbridge Students (Shawn and Cara), and they live in the basement of the house. There are pictures at the bottom of this page. After this page, you might want to go to our Letbridge Rental Accomodation FAQ

Rental prices include:

The rooms share:

For tenants there are 3 different furnished room choices: Check with us to see which rooms are available. We will try to keep this list updated.

Please feel free to ask questions by emailing Shawn and Cara's father (use Contact form on left). We will process applications in the order they are received. We will keep in touch with you.

You can Lethbridge Rental  the rental application here.

You can also see where it is (right beside the University) on google earth (google earth is a free download from google) If you don't have google earth, go to first to get your free download. You can then type in the address. Or, if you prefer, we can email you a google earth link that will take you to it (if you have installed the free google earth program.)

The picture on the right is from Google Earth. It shows the whole university and the yellow push tack shows the house you will be renting in.

We want your rental to be a fantastic experience. To help with this, it is useful if everyone is of similar mind. Some restrictions: If one or more is going to be a problem,. 


Some pictures:

Front of 14 Acadia Lethbridge Rental location

Kitchen in the Rental house upstairs

Lethbridge Rental shared eating area

Lethbridge Rental Familyroom

Living Room - ahh so close to the University of Lethbridge 

Like many, we've been hit by scammers, but we've learned to adapt. Here's some info I put together on Renter and Rental scams if you are interested: RenterScam   RentalScam . If you are renter - it is worth looking at the rental scam one for your own protection. If you are curious, or you are renting out yourself, the renter scam is worth a couple minutes of your time to protect yourself. I offer this in hopes it will help protect a few people.