14 Acadia Road W, Lethbridge - FAQ

Q. How much is the rent?
A. $500 INCLUDING utilities for the regular room (plus all the shared access of course). The Bedroom with Ensuite is $550 INCLUDING utilities.

Q. Can I get a copy of the Rental Application?
A. Yes: RentalApplication.doc

Q. Can I get a copy of the Rental Agreement?
A. Yes: RentalAgreement.doc

Q. What else will I have to sign?
A. When you move IN LastMonthRentSchedule.doc
When you move IN and when you move OUT: DamageInspection.doc .
Other documents may be required if you have special requests/agreements.

Q. What's included in the furnishings, what's not included?
A. What's included What's not in our Lethbridge University Rental document has the info you are looking for.

Q. What will my mailing address be?
A. <your name>
      14 Acadia Road W
      Lethbridge, Alberta, T1K 3X8

Q. What will the phone number be?
A. Your phone number will be (403) 317-0173.

Q. What kind of vacuum is there?
A. Built in vacuum system.

Q. Who is responsible for vacuuming my room?
A. You are.

Q. Who is responsible for vacuuming in the common areas, snow shoveling and cutting the grass etc..,?
A. Normally one of the owners. However, if you make a mess (as opposed to just routine dirt from normal use) then you are expected to clean it up, vacuuming as appropriate.

Q. Who is responsible for cleaning the dishes, pots and pans etc..,?
A. Whoever gets them dirty is responsible for cleaning them within 3 hours. This is a nice house - no dirty dishes are to be left sitting around.

Q. Is it a quiet building?
A. Yes. It is a building for serious University Students

Q. Are there any males living in the building?
A. Yes, Shawn is one of the owners. Cara, his sister, is the other. They live in the basement.

Q. What if a couple want to live in a room?
A. We will consider married couple for an additional $150/month. Please indicate on your application, and please send 2 applications together, one for each person.

Q.What type of heating?
A. Forced air.

Q. Is it airconditioned?
A. There is a house wide airconditioner.

Q. What appliances are included?
A. Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Microwave, Washer, Dryer, TV - all shared use.

Q. Who controls the heat/air conditioning?
A. The owners (who live on site.)

Q. How is the water pressure?
A. Great!

Q. How "new" a condition is it?
A. It is in virtually new condition throughout. The previous owner upgraded almost everything before selling it (in 2008).

Q. Are there laundry facilities in the building and what does it cost to use it?
A. Yes, and the cost is included in the rent. We only ask you be reasonable, run full loads, don't leave drying running after clothing is dry, and share!

Q. How close to bus routes?
A. See previous page for map. The closest bus is only houses away, and 3 bus routes are available from the University bus loop (a couple blocks away).

Q. Is there parking?
A. There is room on the parking pad or on the street for each person to have one car.

Q. Can my boyfriend stay overnight?
A. No.

Q. How many peice is the Ensuite?
A. 2. (Toilet, Sink)

Q. Can I use the Ensuite bathroom if I did not rent that bedroom?
A. No, the tenant of that room is paying for the priveledge of having that feature private. So ... No, not unless the person renting that bedroom gives you permission. And if they give you permission once, they are not required to give it again, and if they give you long term permission, they can remove that permission at any time.

Q. Who is responsible for cleaning the Ensuite bathroom?
A. The tenant renting it (who is the tenant that is renting the bedroom with Ensuite bathroom).

Q. Are waterbeds allowed?
A. No. Not unless approved in writing before hand - and there will be an extra fee due to insurance rates and issues surrounding possible damage.

Q. Is there room for storing my "stuff"?
A. There is some. Obviously, the 1st location is your room. But there is some basement storage that is shared use, though limited space. You may use your share of the space. Plus there is some outside space for storage, talk to owners if you wish to store stuff outside. Regardless of where it is stored, please note, it is your responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please obtain proper tenants insurance as you see fit and take what you consider to be reasonable risks only.

Q. What if I have a complaint?
A. We want you to be happy in your home. If the complaint is minor - just ask one of the owners. If that does not work, or it is significant enough it should be in writing, please use this TenantRequestComplaint.doc form to assist us in getting it resolved promptly.

Q. I have a special request.. how do I handle that?
A. If it is minor and doesn't require written permission (to change the contrtact), feel free to just ask. Otherwise, use this PermissionToUse.doc form.

We will update this page with more questions as we are asked.