COVID-19 comments

When my wife and I returned from Costa Rica on March 5th 2020, there had been almost a vacuum of information on COVID-19, now ... it changes daily or hourly.

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15 character passwords are now: not secure

12 character passwords with fancy characters (upper case, numbers and symbols) haven't been secure since 2010. Once again, silly rules for passwords are proven a waste of time, lowering password security. Having LONG passwords, easy to remember even, is by far the better choice.

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Oh Deer!

True story, moderately humorous (no humans hurt.)

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Best Canada phone plan

When you sign up, use referral code E8KYYN to save $10. The best Canadian phone plans I have ever found, and they use the Telus network and for my testing, performance is great.

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Wonderful artist, and a good friend

A wonderful Western Canadian artist, Landscapes, Animals, Aviation.

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Peter Horwood aka Madman Pierre

For decades I've been know by more people as 'Madman Pierre' than by my name. If you want the 'real' story on why, here it is.

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I don't share most family photos, just friends, if you know me, you know why. But if you don't - feel free to ask. There are a variety of reasons. I migh tell you!

Calaway Park 2017, Log ride result.
Right after squeezing through crack (ice caves, 15 mins.), look at my hips to see how small the crack is.
Spelunking with Michelle
100's of tons of rock above our heads.
Madman Pierre aka Peter Horwood, spelunking in the ice caves
Working outside of the  Leighton centre.