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Ft. Mac penhorwood project status

How to see this page

This page has changed for reasons that are NOT going to be made public.

If you are one of the investors in this project, to continue to receive updates, you must follow the following instructions EXACTLY.

Send an email to me. My address is petere and it is at madmanpierre.com


The BODY of your email must have:

Your name (and if you invested with someone else, or if you are going to receive this email on behalf of several investors, include THEIR names as well.)

Your phone number

Your mailing address

VERY IMPORTANT:You must tell me the 1st word of the company that YOU invested in initially to get into this project.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT:You must include the following statement in your email:

I will not disclose ANY information on this project that I receive from Peter Horwood without Peter Horwood's explicit WRITTEN permission to anyone that is not an investor in this project, and I will ensure that they agree to these terms too before disclosing anything to them. I understand that if I ever disclose any of this information without Peter Horwood's written permission that I will receive no further updates until when or if there is a financial distribution.

If you have a problem with the above statement I understand, and you are under no obligation to request to be on this mailing list. I am doing this email list as a pure courtesy. I am not paid to do so by any source.

If you do the following, within 3 business days I will verify and add you to the mailing list and I will send you an intro email explaining why the change.

If you do NOT receive a reply within 3 days - first check your junk filter - make sure you have my email address as one you do never reject/always accept emails from. If there is nothing there from me, check that you followed the instructions above EXACTLY, and resend either the original email or a corrected one.

Thank you for your understanding.

To be clear, if you are not one of the investors, I will not be replying to your email, so if you are a curiosity seeker this is not for you!