Integra and Platinum Equities

Update 2017: I considered deleting this page because it is so old. But then I thought, what if Roy Jennix and/or Maxine Cooke try to 'do it again'. So I'm leaving this page as a long term warning. Note: At one point, I think around 2005, their lawyer tried to get me to remove this page by using threats. But this page ended up being used as evidence in the court case where Roy Jennix was convicted and ... since it is has been indicated in court to be all truth, no slander, and I defended my statements as a witness for the Crown, there was obviously no reason for me to take it down.

This page is to warn people about a couple companies, including some related individuals that I feel are dishonest and a great risk if you invest with them. This is the only time I have put such negative stuff in my web site and in some ways I didn't want to do it because it may look like I've just got sour grapes. If you don't want to read this type of stuff, stop reading, there is nothing else on this page.

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Integra Investment Services (Roy Jennix and Maxine Cooke)

I regret to state that I used to recommend looking at a company called Integra Investment Services owned by Roy Jennix and Maxine Cooke. Fortunately I only offered it on one of my pages as something you should check out and to the best of my knowledge NO ONE invested in them based on my comments.

It turns out that , in my opinion, Integra Investment Services, Roy Jennix, Maxine Cooke and their associates are not who you want to invest in or with.

- Check out Integra Investment Services' list of claimed "successes" on their web site (Note 2008: their site is now defunct) then go and see how many of these projects have actually resulted in the investors getting back their principle let alone their promised return. And on the ones that the investors received their money - check out the property and see whether the projects were completed even in the ballpark (time and type) as suggested and whether therefore those few investors were lucky to have received their money back. Then decide for yourself about Maxine Cooke, Roy Jennix and Integra Investment Services.

Since the Alberta Securities Commission ruled against them, I have heard rumors that they are starting up all over under a company by the name of Victoria Station and Ntegra. (Note, during the court case, they introduced a company by the name of Serendipity. (I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with owning several companies by several names - after all, I do it - I build and then sell companies for a living. I just want to warn people that - a rose by any other name... and if their reason for these new companies is to hide the sins of their past - then that is a concern.) Note: As of October 2005, I have information that they are still putting their web address on literature sent out, but when I try to go to it, they have been shut down - if you find a new address that they are promoting under, please let me know so I can update this page.

Since I put this page up, I have also been contacted by other people who claim to have been in other projects with Jennix and/or Integra, every one of them indicating that their projects are also in failure and they wished they had read this page before they invested.