Farming Overview

I don't have the indexes set up yet properly for the farming section. But basically I'm planning on two major sections, Animal Husbandry, and Crops (Horticultural).

So, for now, this will be my index. If you have any of the listed animals that you would like to donate or sell, let me know. We can talk about proper acknowledgements and links to your site or information on how people can buy from you.

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Animal Husbandry:
Is a Turkey a Chicken? Is a Buffalo a cow? Is a Goat a Sheep? For the best tasting, lean (veal like) meat check out my discussion of free range Muscovies aka - the not a duck duck.
Raising a few Free range weaner Pigs In 2012 I started raising Red Duroc pigs. Why? Because they are suitable as a 'free range' pig that creates the tenderist and sweetest tasting pork that is argued to be far heathier than the store bought pork. I admit - I love free range meat. Each year I'll take orders for 1/2 pig or 1/3 pig (or more of course). If you are interested in buying a 'side' of pork - I PRE sell them on a '1st come 1st serve' basis.

2012.05: I have 4 sides of Red Duroc Pig still for sale. (I have 8 sides in total). If you want one, contact me today, a $100 deposit reserves your side. Delivery in the fall.

Ones I'd like to add as I get more info, experience and time (And the animals!):
Jacob's Sheep
Kiko Goats
Worms (composting)
Rabbits (yes, taste like chicken)
Free range Turkey's
Free range Chicken's

Hemp (for clothing etc..,)
All year harvesting in a 'train track' greenhouse
Square foot gardening -for individual and profit.

New Terra Farm -completely unrelated to me- has a lot of interesting information. Some free with just your email, others at a cost. For information on both types of product, visit: Click here to visit New Terra Farm. But before you buy anything - check out their best offer: Click here to view more details I bought this best offer and I was really pleased with the info I got and I have made very good use of several suggestions in their information.

Another source of info, if you are interested in raising Turkeys, I reccomend:Click here for great Turkey raising info.. If you decide you are interested, close the page - it will come up with a second chance to stay along with a $10 coupon! Then order.