Made it!

Sep 25, 2017
Right after squeezing through crack (ice caves, 15 mins.), look at my hips to see how small the crack is.

This is me, Madman Pierre aka Peter Horwood, right after I squeezed through the crack in the ice caves, look at my hips and beside/behind my left arm to see how small the crack is. It took me nearly 15 minutes this time (2017) to squeeze through. I finally got through by completely relaxing all my chest and back muscles, and using my arms to pull and push (one each) me through the crack. Yes my face was that red - 15 minutes of extreme exertion (inter-spaced with laughing at my situation) - I looked at the dust etc.., because I thought - this is so hard this time, maybe the rocks had shifted, but there was no evidence of that. For those of you that want to make fun of me, I was stuck by my chest, not by my rather large belly. Once I got the bottom 4 bones of my rib cage through the crack, the rest was easy.