I am asked: So are you "just" business? No, running and helping businesses is an exciting part of my world, but it is not the only aspect of my life.

God, Family, Church, School (mostly my kids) and Play are important aspects as well. You may only be interested in the business part, if so, stop now and do not read the next sentence. OK, if you are reading this, apparently, for some reason, you want to know more about the rest of my life. Read on!

I was asked, 'What, in a short "sound bite" is your life philosopy', My answer is simple, but not intended to be trite: "For God, For Eternity". I wish I could say I always live up to this ideal, but I am human and alas, I do not. But I am continuing to strive towards that ideal and I trust I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

For years I have had the opportunity to serve people around the world. I hope to continue to do this in a way that is worthy of respect and in a way honoring to them.

So, what else do I have for you?

Other items of note:

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Who is Madman Pierre (and why am I called Madman Pierre. )
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I'm asked why I have no pictures of my children or wife on this site. Well, years ago it was because my wife and I came to an agreement that I won't, and in addition we've fostered children, usually 4 and legally we can't post their photos. If you want to see them, you'll have to get and accept a personal invitation instead.