Who or What is/are Angels ?

Members of divine council - "*sons of God" "Morning stars"

Job 1: 6, 28:7

"gods" Ps 8,

"host of heaven" Neh 9:6

"prince of the army of Yahweh" 5:13-15, Exod 23:23

Guardians of eden: Gen 3:24, Exek 28:14-16

God's bureaucrats: Deut 32:8 cf 4:19, 29:26

Are all of these angels? The Greek word aggelos (angels) Hebrew word malak means messanger. However we now-a-days use the word to refer to all sorts of intellegent, non-human creatures.

Cherubim and seraphim are definetly not aggelos, but they are angels by the modern definition of the word.  It also from these angels that we get the concept of angels having wings. There is no evidence that other intellegent creatures have wings.



Guardians:Gen 3:24, Exek 28:14-16,

Exod 25-18-20

Exod 25:22, Num 7:89

1 Sam 4:4, 2 Sam 6:2, Isa 27:16

Ps 80:1, 99:1

1 Kings 8:4-8

1 Kings 6:23-28

1 Kings 6:29-35

God's horses: 2 Sam 22:11 = Ps 18:10

Seraph, Saraphim (single/plural)


saiah 6

Num 21:8, Deut 8:15, Isa 14:29 30:6.

"man like" Gen 18:2,

Josh 5:13,

Ezek 9:2,11,

Dan 9:21, 12:6-7

Zech 1:8

Cherubim 4 angels each with 4 faces. Ezekiel 1, Ezekiel 10

Envoys with messages and various other tasks:

1 Kings 22:19-22

Job 1:6-12

No  names: Gen 32:29, Judg 13:17-18

The two named angels in the OT:

Gabriel Dan 8-9 - reveals the future

Michael Dan 10, 12 - warrier opposing forces of evil

God does not trust them always Job 4:18. But we have to be careful. Is this statement "canonical"?. My first thoughts were NO, it is not canonical because: This verse is in the 1st speech of Eliphaz. He states "If God places no trust in his servants, if he charges his angels with error," as if it were a given fact. He then goes on to say "how much more those...." We know that God later said that Eliphaz spoke wrongly of God. So my 1st thought is that neither the statement nor the inference drawn could trusted. I then decided to read Job's response, indeed as I write this I have not read Job's response. My thinking is that, if Job argues the 2nd point but not the first, then the first can be trusted as canonical. If Job argues neither, then we are still unsure. If Job argues the 1st, then it is wrong. Se we read Job's reply - Chapters 6 and 7. In reading these two we find that Chapter 6 to Chapter 7:7 is a reply to Eliphaz, Chapter 7:7 on is a new plea directly to God. Job seems to agree with Eliphaz on the"facts" but on the inference to the facts he says in 6:24 "Teach me, and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong. How painful are honest words! But what do your arguments prove?" It appears to be correct to conclude that God charges his angels with error (the honest words) but the inferences, the arguments that are derived from that is what Job is railing against.

Angels Rebel: Gen 6:1-4

Ps 82

Isa 14:12-15

Ezek 28

God=Angels, Why are both used? Gen 16:7-13, 22:11-12 .31:11-13

Exod 3:2-4

Judg 6:11-23

Angels are sexual beings: Gen 6:4

Sons of God:

Gen 6: 1-4 (marry with humans)

Job 1:6, 2:1

Deut 32:8

Psalms 29:1 & 89:6

Ps 82:6

..... further required