Current Big Projects

A common question I am asked is "what big/weird/unusual things are you working on now?"

I could be coy and pretend I don't know why I'm asked these questions, but the truth is, I do understand. What I don't understand is why there are not many more people like me! I think I'm normal.  Why, several years ago, an employee remarked: "compared to yourself, you are actually normal." I like that one!

To be completely honest,  I don't have any unusual projects on the go right now. I love the work I'm currently doing and I'm actually acting like I'm settled in for a while!   My current projects are much more along the line that most people would consider normal. Specifically:

So what's the trick? Well the biggest trick is something I learned decades ago building companies: I CAN'T do everything! This means, to succeed, I need to partner with people who either:

  1. Want to provide money/resounces and benefit from them
  2. Want to provide time/energy with no expectation of personal benefit (ie most of the volunteer projects)
  3. People who want to receive a salary to do the work they do.