Favorite Food

I was looking at this to see if there were any changes... here tehy are:

pie oh so many to choose from - I've got about 20 favorites. But my favorite of the favorites is butternut squash pie with real whipped cream made with sugar and vanilla.

My favorite sub (below) has changed, my favorite now is black forest ham with sweet onion sauce or 'sub' sauce.

Peagasus is no longer around, but a good plate of calamari with tzatziki sauce and baklava (I now also make a chocolate baklava, and I do calamri 3 different ways)

Back when I created this list I used to say 'one of my 500 favorite foods'. I think though I can quite literally say ... I have 5000 favorite foods now. I don't make the greek salad very often anymore due to Jan's allergies.

Last updated 2008

Slow Cooked Roast - you HAVE to have a slow cooker for this one! And cook it for 12-18 hours with a cup of water and some spices.

Fresh buns. Fresh Bread. Do you have a breadmaker yet? If not, you are missing out on one of the best eating experiences you will ever have.

Rice Crispy Squares. Just take the Kellogs recipie & cut the margarine in half .

New York Style Cheesecake - no toppings - Perfect cheesecakes don't need them!

Pumpkin Cheescake. Must be 24 hours old before eating.

Christmas Cake - aged a year. Perfect!

Oatmeal Raisin cookies.  

Candy Bar: Mars Bar. The original one. I still have them regularly. I don't like the new "Supreme" one.

Sandwich: Subway's Vegi Sub. But get the honey mustard instead of the regular mustard & mayo.

Pizza: Bar-B-Que chicken (you can make it yourself with Original Bulls Eye Sauce.)

Mug Root Beer.   Actually, since it was bought out and the recipie ruined, my favorites now are President's choice old fashioned and A&W.

Greek: Anything at the Pegasus restaraunt, especially their yogurt and cucumber sause (tzatziki) with their calamari. I also make great Greek Salad (Thanks to Rick Herder's fine teaching). And I make a nice Baklava.