Favorite Wine

Last updated 2000.

The drink, not the command...

I now like very few store bought wines. Homemade can be MUCH better. After over 100 batches of wine, some from kits and some from scratch, I have some very definite opinions of my favorites. All below have been rated as "excellent" and "best of class " by at least 90% of my friends, so you KNOW you're gonna like them.

Currently trying:

I have a half dozen more that will probably make this list, but I have no kits old enough to be SURE yet. They will be added as they prove themselves. In the mean time, if you make wine at home, follow this advice - don't EVER drink a wine less than 6 months old - you won't BELIEVE the difference if you wait. (Valapochella sp ? is one exception - it is best 2-6 months old)