Madman's Lectures

I have had the privilege of serving many thousands of people with lectures over the years, starting in about 1990. These lectures range from "command performances" to groups as small as 8 or 10 in Germany, to larger groups of hundreds and thousands in Canada and the US. Although I have given lots to groups smaller than 8, usually I consider those to be "consulting" because in smaller groups typically we are heavily interacting and there is no formal "prepared" speech, just a list of topics we want to cover/explore.

Typical Topics

The lectures most often are on one of the following topics:

Typical Audiences

The audience or location has varied greatly, a range of examples is:

Can Peter speak at "your event name goes here"

Now-a-days, I seldom speak "for free" except for the Church I attend and the School my kids go to. (My kids go to a private school, so government funding is very limited so I am happy to teach for free in this environment. Topics at schools have included Entrepreneurship, Photography, Aviation and, believe it or not, cooking.)

My rates for lectures depends on several factors including