Madman's Published

Through the years I've been published literally 100's of times as author, columnist and photographer as well as edited for many magazines & books for several topics. I generally like to provide "Practical techncial" works. Fiction isn't one of my strong suits! OK, lets be blunt, I'm terrible at non-technical.  I enjoy the most technical with a little bit of fun thrown in.

The following list is most of the places I've been published (starting in the late 1960's.) (And "Letters to the Editor" don't count, so I have not included them below!) If you are a budding author with good information to share, as an encouragement: I had to take remedial English when I got to University - and I just barely passed. The professor said I would never be able to write!

NYN School of Photography (Author)
Calgary Horticultural Society Monthly magazine (Author)
Calquarium (Photographer & Author)
Airdrie Echo (Photographer)
Today's Photographer (Photographer)
Klondike Krustacea (Photographer & Author)

McGraw-Hill (Books Author)
Que Publications (Technical Reviewer/Editor)

SilverStream Software, Inc. DevCenter. (Author, Senior Technical Editor)
SilverStream Journal (Author, Photographer, Senior Technical Editor)
SilverStream Success Book series (Author, Photographer, Senior Technical Editor)
Dr. Dobbs Journal (Author)

PowerTimes (Author)
PBDJ (Author, Columnist, Photographer and Editor)
PAD (Author) 
PowerBuilder Advisor (Author)
Powerline (Author)

FoxTalk (Author, Columnist)
DB Advisor

Although this is a list of most ... there are 6 or 7 magazines that I have been published in that I did not keep track of - for example, an Aquarium magazine in Australia. Recently published works also frequently aren't on this, I usually update this about once a year. I was also published with Dr. Silver (Dean of Research at the University of Calgary at the time), and Dr. Peterson in scientific journals in years gone by. Unfortunately at the time I didn't think to keep the specifics.