Madman's Children

I am fortunate to have 4 great children who were fortunate to have been able to go to school at Airdrie Koinonia Christian School (Zander will probably continue to go until June 2010.)

Alycia. Our oldest child. Due date was our 1st anniversary. As of early 2008, she is 19 years old. Working on getting her education degree with her specific interest to continue working with Children with severe disabilities (mental/physical).

Shawn. Older than Cara by 20 minutes. Favorite song (or so I claim): "You are my son Shawn - my only son Shawn..." ยท Spelt Shawn 'cuz I didn't know Sean was pronounced Shawn until a couple weeks before his birth. Currently wants to be an entreprenuer.

Cara. The strongest one of the bunch, but a very tender heart. She (and Shawn), as of mid 2008, are 18 years old. Next year going to University working on her education degree with an interest in teaching elementry school in Latin America.

Zander. (Legally Alexander, but no one calls him that) Our youngest at 16 years (mid 2008). Currently wants to train dogs for a living.

For a variety of reasons we have decided to no longer display their pictures on the web site. Mostly security reasons, sorry.