Who IS Madman Pierre

Peter J. Horwood. Son of Dave and Barb Horwood of Airdire, Alberta Canada.

Father of Alycia, Shawn, Cara and Zander, Husband of Janice Horwood.

Owner, and usually VP Development of several companies. (Photographer of Photos by Madman - go figure eh?)

What do I do for a living? That's easy: I start/build and then sell companies. I may or may not take a long term position in a company I sell depending on negotiations.

Author, Publisher, Editor, Photographer

Who am "I" ? A follower and believer in Christ Jesus as God, the son.

Airdrie Alliance Church:  Member of Missions Leadership Team. Life Group Leader (Lay pastor), past Sunday School teacher, occasional photographer and a few other tasks as appropriate.

Bachelour of Commerce Graduate, UofC, 1983

1990 Winner of Young Entrepreneur award for the province of Alberta

Retired Member of TeamPowersoft

Previous 50% owner of AAII - one of the top 100 Software companies in Canada (Guess how we paid for our 1/4 section of land and part of the house I built?<g>)

For other business etc.., ,click on the Business button, then select my CV.

Past Sunday School teacher & life group (lay pastor) at Centre Street Evangelical Missionary Church

and last but not least "Madman Pierre". A name given by his devoted staff many years ago It is a name worn with pride, and with just a little bit of truth. It is said "if he were rich, they'd call him eccentric, if poor, crazy. But he is neither , he is Madman Pierre".

What's with the name "Madman Pierre"


Mostly photography and computers to be fair, but if you REALLY care more, read on...
I have a life, I just can't find it: (copyright 1993 Peter J. Horwood)
See my favorites , but let me start with: Playing various things with my 4 kids and wife.

Madman's current computer(s) <--  OFTEN OUT OF DATE!