Race to 2025 Take 7

I'm personally excited, despite having a week of feasting (CHRISTmas to New Years day) ... I have now lost 56 lbs since August, that means I kept my commitment to lose 10 more pounds before the race to 2025. Thank you to those of you who have donated towards the goal of getting literacy started in every remaining language by 2025. If you'd like to donate you can do so by donating here!

My general promise to our team leader in September was that I would get in the best condition that I could by race day. I'll be honest', I never thought I would get this far: For the first time since I was 17 years old I can make the claim that I am no longer fat.

Just like getting literacy to every language in the world has been a long term effort, I plan on trying very hard to make this a long term change in my life, not just something for a few months.

My personal goal now is to reach 13% body fat and stay there. I know it is hard to measure, so it will be an approximation. I have therefore promised to either lose 5lbs or get down to 13% body fat by the race, whichever comes first.

I've had some people - that I said nothing to until they asked me - if I was hinting that they should lose weight. My answer is simple: No, this is my own personal journey, I am not implying anything for anyone else - whether friends, family or strangers. I did this for God, for our Team leader, for our team, for the 2 year old son we are in the process of adopting, so that, as long as God decides he wants me to live - I will be in the best physical shape - so far as it up to me to achieve.

I've had some people ask me if I'm going to start to 'eat healthy'. (And a LOT of people who have told me very conflicting advice as to how I should eat going forward.

But as you can read in my How old I am physically, mentally etc.., blog post my doctor has told me, that despite eating a diet that consists 60-75% chocolate and candy, based on my blood work, I have for years been more healthy than the average 25 year old. I admit, that makes me worry for those of you that are in your twenties, but it also means that God has blessed me with a very great gift - I can eat in ways that would be harmful to most people and still have optimum health. My body seems to know how to consume what it needs and reject what it doesn't - other than if I eat too much I put on weight. So no, I don't plan on doing much for my eating habits - at least for now, I'll evaluate annually. I am in no way suggesting though that this would be a healthy choice for anyone else.

I saw the pounds fall off in September, I gradually went from the promise to the team leader that I would lose 16lbs (along with the general promise that I would get myself in the best shape possible for the race - having no idea how far I would go.) As this happened and I realized I might be able to lose 26lbs (never imagining 56 or more) I set my goals harder and harder with the hope that my dedication would motivate other people to take a financial or other interest in literacy. In other words - I hoped my persistence the last 5 months would motivate you to get involved in a very significant way.

That goal was added to my other motivations - and look where it has gotten me. I have only 2 years of my life (I think it was when I was 17 and 18) that I can remember when I wasn't 'fat'. I was fat as a child, I was fat as an adult. I peaked at over 90lbs heavier than I currently am. Even at age 17 and 18 I wasn't as 'healthy' and I wasn't as close to what I think is optimum as I am now - and I think with just a few more pounds 5 to 15, I will be literally at the optimum level.

If you are needing motivation, I hope my dedication and success will be a motivator to you, but I know every person's body is different, as are our personalities, emotions, self control and other aspects, so if you know how I did it, don't assume for a minute that my ways are good for you to follow. While I chose (I'm a male) 13% as my target body fat - don't assume that my target is good for you (especially if you are female - 13% for you would be deadly.)

I admit, I'm using that as a way to give this comparison: Just as our bodies are all designed differently and we need to follow different practices to reach our optimum, there are over 1500 languages that do not have literacy yet - each is different. And just like you shouldn't try to change who you are - those of us that enjoy the luxury of literacy and the Bible, and books, I want to do everything I can to help bring literacy to all of those remaining languages, and I hope you will consider helping too.

Thanks for reading and considering this.

Published: 2018.Jan.16     Last edited: 2018.Feb.26


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