How big is an egg?


  • Medium 1.75 oz or heavier (50g)
  • Large 2 oz or heavier`(57g)
  • XL 2.25 oz or heavier (64g)
  • Colors: White, Brown, Blue, Pink, Green in several shades of each, speckled - again in several colors.



  • 66 to 110 grams (2-2.7" in length and 1.5-2" wide, circumfrance aronud 5")
  • brown usually speckled, white usually speckled


  • around 144 grams, but it depends greatly on the variety. (3-4.5" in length, 3+" width 7+" circumference)
  • Color: white, cream, brown, speckled

Coturnix Quail:

  • Regular (most store bought I've seen)
  • 9 g (6 = Large chicken egg, 7 = EX) We don't sell any this small we 'harvest' quail that lay 'regular' sized eggs.
  • Jumbo (based on the rules for a 'jumbo' quail)
  • 14 g ( 4 = Medium chicken, 4.5 = XL)
  • XL 17-21g ( 3 = Large chicken egg, 3.3 = XL)
  • Colors: Speckled brown with possible grey overlay, brown, white, cream, blue, all with brown black spots and a lot that look like they are clouded over with grey.

Other 'commercial' eggs

I'm told in some places you can also find
  • emu: 700-900g
    • Colors: Green, grey, blue, black
  • ostritch 1400g (1.4KG)
    • Color: White, Cream
  • duck: 65-125g (average 94g)
  • gull (1 to 2x's the size of a normal chicken egg, a delicacy in England and Scandinavia)
  • pheasant, larger than quail, smaller than chicken. olive-brown to blue-gray
  • turtle, I suspect these vary in size depending on the size of the mother.

The colors listed are the ones I've seen, if you know of others - let me know, I'll update the chart.

Funny side story: My 4 year old (at the time) was at the zoo with me and some others. There was an ornithologist who had an owl egg on display. The ornithologist asked my 4 year old: Do you know what this is? She looked at the egg, held the egg, looked puzzled up at me but said nothing. The ornithologist said (helpfully) do you think it is a chicken egg? My 4 year old looked at the ornithologist and replied with a disgusted tone of voice 'No', then hesitantly looked at me again and said 'It's kind of like a Muscovy egg'. The ornithologist laughed and said 'Yes, you are right, it is a lot more like a Muscovy egg than a chicken' Further discussion was; The sheen on the shell was more like a muscovy than a chicken and shape of the owl egg was more like a muscovy than a chicken - but the shape was what made my 4 year old unsure - it wasn't quite right for a muscovy egg.

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