Race to 2025 Take 4

I'm pleased to announce that I have reached my second weight goal (Took 33 days instead of 22 this time): I am now down 26lbs in preparation for the race. I think this will definitely help with my team's performance on the physical portions of the race! After consideration, I have decided to commit to our team leader that I will be down 10 more lbs by race day, a total of 36lbs. I think this is achievable, though I love Christmas cooking and I have a birthday coming up this month. I'll be 56 on race day.

Why am I losing so much weight so fast? Because I want to perform the best I can in the race. I know it doesn't really make that much of a difference but it is something I can to show my commitment. I have been dedicated for decades to world Literacy and seeing both the Bible translated into every living language and seeing people have literacy to read it in every single living language - so I concur with the goal of this starting in every remaining language - nearly 2000 left - by the year 2025. If you believe in this goal, please consider pledging financially: donate now! - much easier than losing all the weight I'm losing :)

USA personal donors This is the project that the US race, Race for Possible through JAARS now is sponsoring. Then after you donate, you need to let me know or Sam Wuermli know how much you donated and for who, (me if you are donating on my 'account'), it is. If you get a receipt for the donation, it would be good if that could also be forwarded to Sam so he has official confirmation of the amount and donor. Unfortunately, JAARS does not have a comment field in their donation process and would not be able to screen and forward that to Sam directly. The funds will go to the US race project but it is all part of the same goal - the goal of achieving this for every language in the world.

The question has been posed. What if there are less than 100 people who speak that language? The answer is simple - the word 'every' means 'every'. One interesting thing as SIL and Wycliffe introduce literacy into a language - the result is frequently that languages that are nearly dead rise up from the ashes and start to grow again. People get excited about their native language, about their native culture. God cares about every culture, every language.

Normally for valentine's, 4 days before the race this year, my wife gets me 2KG of cinnamon hearts, which I eat until I get a chemical burn on my tongue,. then finish after I recover. I have asked her: No candy for valentine's this year since it is inconceivable that I will be down to my ideal weight no matter how hard I try to lose weight. You may feel this next comment is silly: But this is one of the strongest things I have done to show how serious I am at doing the best I can on the race - I really like my annual bag of cinnamon hearts.

Published: 2017.Nov.03     Last edited: 2018.Feb.26


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