Best Windows 10 Upgrade ever!

I was trolling and came across a great little idea. Now I should say up front ... I have installed on my computer prior to doing this.

Run this line in powershell: (You can get to powershell by holding down the shift key and r-mousing any blank spot in explorer, or run it by 'your' favorite way to run powershell. (Note: Powershell replaces the old cmd/DOS prompt)

get-appxpackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | remove-appxpackage

It deletes the metro-iCrap-App Microsoft Photos.

On my computer this means when I click on an image in skype etc.., they are pulled up in instead of the metro-iCrap-App.

I admit, I'm worried that an upgrade will auto-install the Windows-10-Universally-Crap-App Photos again. But for now at least - I have a much better experience with that app gone.

Published: 2018.May.05     Last edited: 0005.May.20


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