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I am very pleased with my most recent phone plan:

If you want to save $10, the cost of the SIM card, use the referral code: E8KYYN

If I had taken Bell's "best" offer and gotten as close to exactly the same plan - Bell was literally FOUR (4) times the cost of PublicMobile, which uses the Telus network. (Of course Bell told me that THEIR network is BETTER than the Telus network, but I found over the past 5 years that Bell and Telus are close enough to be called the same - each is better than the other in specific areas.)

If you are reading this Labour day weekend 2019 ... ask for the FREE SIM card, usually $10 and you can use my referral code E8KYYN to save an additional $10. I was offered it in Walmart on Country hills, my daughter had to 'ask' for it before they found it.

Note, this article was first written in September 2019, the above code will be valid as long as I am with PublicMobile. (Or if for some reason it changes, I'll come and update this article.) So if the code doesn't work - check with me and ask who I'm now with and why.

 I travel in the USA and so I took their $58/month which includes US roaming and 2GB of US roaming data including unlimited Canada text and phone and unlimited international texting,. It's got more data that I need, 8.5GB/month (8 if you don't take their auto-pay credit card method. But then if you don't take that it also becomes a $60/month plan.)

All of their plans come including Call Display, Voicemail and Conference Calling.

But for our 'office' phone, we took their $13 a month plan. Why that plan instead of the $8 plan? Because we have an iPhone on it that I use for testing the application we sell, so I need SOME data on that phone. Update: I realized that, because the phone never leaves the house, I could use WiFi for all my testing instead of the cellular, so I ended up going with their $8/month ($10 if you want the extra work of handling payments every month.)

One of my daughters chose the $38/month plan with 5GB/month (they list this as a $40/month plan with 4.5GB of data, but if you set up auto pay it becomes $38 and 5GB)

My wife is choosing the $48/month plan, 8.5GB/month. (They list this as a $50/month plan with 8GB, but again, if you set up auto pay, it becomes $48 and 8.5GB)

I have used Rodgers, Telus and Bell in the past. I most recently have been using Bell (for several years) and I found the PublicMobile quality to be slightly better while driving (my WIFE was driving, let's be clear!) in a rural area around our house where Bell would always cut out for about 30 seconds of driving. Now, I'm guessing this is not surprising since it is using the Telus network, the Telus antenna is probably higher than the Bell antenna out there. Worked fine from our home as well (miles from the closest cell tower.)

I'll record here if I have ANY problems that were not problems with Bell.

The signup process was quick and painless, we drove in to Airdrie and Country Hills Walmarts (that were on our respective paths.)

Before I switched I talked to 2 people at Bell, one online using their chat, the other someone in Toronto who phoned. In both cases I told them that I was looking at switching to a different plan and asked them what they could do. The online said 'nothing'. The guy on the phone said 'wow you already have one of the best plants that Bell can offer with the phones ....' and offered a small improvement if I paid an extra $10 a month. The $10 a month also meant I had to commit for another 24 months to Bell because they were going to give me a tablet that I don't need. I already have at least 8 tablets, Microsoft, Android and iPhone on my desk for testing. They were offering a Galaxy 8" Tab 8 or a Huawei (pronounced WA-way) tablet.

Now to be fair, we had 2 phones that had a year or so left due to Bell and Telus respectively. But the cost savings with PublicMobile means that we will break even on cost in a few months, and save after that.

Our plan for only 2Gig on 2 phones and basically nothing on the 3rd phone, was going to be $225/month. That was with the max discounts (including the Costco 10%.) AND I was going to have to pay $12/day for roaming in the US with basically no significant data. Our new cost? $58 + $38 + $13 $8, total $104 to get everything I wanted, or $23 + $23+ $8, total $54 if I wanted the closest plan to Bell's 'best offer'. So essentially, Bell's BEST plan was 4x's the price of PublicMobile. 

But I wanted to have the Freedom to have MORE data - I work mobile most days now - so I chose a set of plans that cost less than half of Bell but gives us 3x's as much data plus US roaming and as much US roaming data as Bell was going to give me as Canadian data! As a result of taking a much BETTER plan, it is going to take a few months to 'break even' because of my 11 months left on my phone (had to pay Bell out)

I wouldn't have been as excited if this was some me-too company with their antennas at the bottom of every cell tower, but this was using the Telus network which means the signal should be (and testing in marginal areas says is) as good as the big 2 (or even better on average to the 'big 3')

I understand that, being priced literally one QUARTER of what Bell was offering, there has to be SOMETHING that gives, I'm told it is the customer service though I had no need to call customer service and really, when I needed Bell's customer service they very nicely told me they couldn't help me. So my recommendation? Don't 'do it yourself' to get connected, go to some place like Walmart or London Drugs and have a human set you up and make sure everything is working before you leave, they don't charge anything for the service - though they will try to up-sell you if you buy anything other than the biggest plan or try to change you to company that, I assume, pays them a higher commission.

Note If you have an older iPhone (pre the 2017 rules on locked phones) I've been told there may be a longer delay to switch because the unlocking has to go through the mobile provider company and THEN go through Apple - as always, with Apple you pay more to get, uh, ah, well better? (Apple's annual statement brags that they are able to charge twice as much as any other company for the same value. Buy 1 share or more in Apple, then check it out, I'm not making it up.) And note: This is NOT peculiar to PublicMobile, this will happen if you take any locked Apple iPhone to ANY other network.

But still, we did that with our iPhone and survived, it took 2 hours instead of the 20 minutes with a locked Android. But I must give Bell credit, they did the unlock very smoothly from my side, yes I had to wait. They told me it would take up to 4 hours, but they got it done in 2 hours, and from my perspective, they handled everything with Apple so that I didn't have to. So ... I don't hate Bell, and I give them credit for handling this very efficiently. I'm keeping my Bell SIM cards in case I ever want to go back to them. But keep your old SIM card in until the phone has been unlocked, or be prepared for a delay of up to 4 hours

So my recommendation: Do your research, and if you agree with me, use referral code E8KYYN to save $10 and sign up with PublicMobile today!

Published: 2019.Sep.01     Last edited: 2019.Sep.01


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