Race to 2025 Take 9

This will likely be my last blog before the race. As I write this, we leave in less than 24 hours.

Our team has just about $500 more it needs to raise by tomorrow afternoon in order to compete in the race. I reached just over 25% of my ‘personal’ fundraising goal, but I knew it was likely an aggressive goal ... thanks so much to those of you that helped. And regardless of the goal, it will all go towards bringing literacy to the people in the Ndop language cluster in Cameroon and that, in my opinion, makes any amount a success. If you’ve been thinking of donating, the short URL for that is https://tinyurl.com/yckauato

I'm packed, I'm physically and mentally ready ... I hope all of you have as great a weekend as I expect to! According to a second measuring tool (caliper) I'm at 12.4% fat, my target was 13% so that’s a complete success, far better than I could have dreamed of in September.

Published: 2018.Feb.15     Last edited: 2018.Feb.26


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