Race to 2025 Take 5

I've dropped another 10 lbs (took 13 days this time), I'm now down 36lbs in preparation for the race. So no surprise, I'm committing to another 10. We'll see when I get there what happens next!

I feel those of us who are native English are so fortunate that we have some of the easiest literacy in the world, and, as I've said before, I want to continue to help those who don't have that benefit and don't have the benefit of the Bible in their native language.

If you believe in this goal, or if you are willing to honour my commitment to this, please consider pledging financially: donate now (Canadians)!

USA personal donorsThis is the project that the US race, Race for Possible through JAARS now is sponsoring. Then after you donate, you need to let me know or Sam Wuermli know how much you donated and for who, (me if you are donating on my 'account'), it is. If you get a receipt for the donation, it would be good if that could also be forwarded to Sam so he has official confirmation of the amount and donor. Unfortunately, JAARS does not have a comment field in their donation process and would not be able to screen and forward that to Sam directly. The funds will go to the US race project but it is all part of the same goal - the goal of achieving this for every language in the world.

As a side note: I have also drastically increased my physical training so that the weight loss is as much fat as possible and hopefully I'm building up muscle at the same time - working mostly on muscles that will benefit me in the race.

Questions? Please ask me.

Published: 2017.Nov.14     Last edited: 2018.Feb.26


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