Stupid things about Windows 10

I use many operating systems on many computers. For the most part I like Windows 10 the best. But there are some thigns that just drive me crazy.

  • It keeps losing my personalized settings. I presume it is because of some Universally-iCrapApp limitation not being able to remember things like that. So, I have to keep setting it back on every computer, and it is happy for a few days, then it decides it knows better and sets the directory for the slideshow to some idiotic (probably Windows 10 Universal restricted directory) reason.
  • It keeps trying to downgrade my skype to the Windows 10 Metro-iCrap Universally limited version. It tells me it is an 'upgrade', twice I've accidentally let it upgrade, but it is a downgrade to the 'you want an app with LESS options - you couldn't possibly want the features you used to use' app. (Not realizing I want a full powered application not a Universally-iCrapApp.) Someday I'm going to give in and switch to the newer feature bereft version - it bugs me a couple times a day now.
  • The mouse keeps 'sticking' when I move from window to window. Here's the thing, I have 6 monitors 5 the same brand and model. The 2 middle ones let me move the mouse up and down, but the 2 pairs of outside ones don't unless I go really fast!
  • It keeps reverting various settings to the stupid defaults it thinks I should want - not just the desktop slideshow. I assume it is with every automatic 'universal-iCrapApp' update it thinks it should 'fix' my 'bad' settings because no one could possibly want anything other than what Steve Jobs would want.*

* Sad that Windows fell into the 'if Steve Jobs doesn't want it - you don't want it' mindset. Windows used to be better than Apple, now they want to drag themselves down to Apple's level. Steve is DEAD - stop forcing my Windows to make Steven Jobs happy.

Full disclosure: I own and use an iPhone, 2 iPads and a Mac Mini. For phone I preferred the Windows phone but that is dead for all intensive purposes, for daily use I prefer and use a Samsung Galaxy S8+ as of late 2017. For tablets I prefer the iPad to the several Android and Windows tablets I also own. For desktop and laptop I prefer to use my Windows 10 computers - though I also use Ubuntu and Mint Linux for some things as well as Raspberry Pi and Arduino for others. I have a few others, such as palm pilots but I never use them anymore.

So why upgrade to Windows 10? Why not stay with a better UI from Windows 7 or stay with the perennially solid Windows XP? Simple Safety. Windows 10 is and likely will continue to be the safest Windows and it likely will be the first to be fixed where there is a security leak (EVERY OS has weaknesses.) Depending on who you are there are other reasons, perhaps there is a Windows 10 Universal (cr)app that you want to use - because there is no 'real' application that does what you want. (OK that isn't likely, but there are some other reasons ... Windows 10 brings back the Windows 7 Start menu goodness while incorporating some of the Windows 8 - and you can get rid of any of the Windows 8 madness that is left, but you don't need to if all you want is what 7 had. If you are determined to use Microsoft browsers, Edge is mostly better than IE 11. If you use Chrome or Brave or ... then you don't care about this reason. There are other reasons to upgrade and few to stay with Windows 7 - search the web. But for me, I've upgraded all older OS's to Windows 10.)

I'm assuming that I don't have to explain why you wouldn't dump any of the Windows 8.x products or the versions of windows between XP and 7. If not - sorry, I don't have time to write something with that long of a list - upgrade to 7 or upgrade to 10 and you'll see why you shouldn't stay with those other versions.

Published: 2017.Oct.24     Last edited: 2017.Oct.24


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