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I've been a business owner for many years. I've built and sold a few companies and (so far) have never gone bankrupt. Recently I have been researching CMMS software products to pick the best one for my current and future needs. I dismissed most on several grounds - the UI is so badly outdated as to be hard to learn and inefficient to use. There are several very low cost web based ones, but I found them to be too simplistic. My track record is starting a small company, growing it then selling it - so I don't want to be stuck with a simplistic system that won't grow with my needs.

But I found what I was looking for! Maintenance Connection software. Is it perfect? no the biggest problem is it doesn't work on mobile devices. But it does work well on large screen and none of the competitors have offline mobile either. (Hmmm, with my background in software development, maybe there is an opportunity here!

Updated link: Maintenance Connection AND offline mobile!

So what makes a CMMS system the best?

One that does what I need today

One that has room to grow for what I need tomorrow

One that can still work for me when I'm 10 or ideally 100x's the size I am now.

It has to be accessible

It has to have flexibility

It has to be able to remove the features that would be in the way for my staff

It need to be secure

It needs to have preventative maintenance automated

It needs to have options to grow to predictive maintenance

It needs to be easy to use for my work force

It needs to keep track of my assets

It needs to keep track of my inventory

It needs to keep track of my inventory even when it rotates through different assets

It needs to let me restrict what each person can see and do

It needs to let me control my data (backups included) so that my data remains my data and not the property of the CMMS SaaS provider.

I'd like to add the demands of a true offline mobile, but there are none out there today that offer this, so that will be a topic for the future when one or more CMMS software providers offer offline mobile access to my work orders, assets and Inventory.

Published: 2013.Mar.02     Last edited: 2013.Mar.02


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