Current Compnies

Peter's Current corporate ownership and involvement (last updated 2012)

See also the "What New Company" link on the side, for ones I'm working on.

As always, working on a couple ideas, some that I can andn will finance and a couple where if I can get financing in various ranges. Details withheld without NDA, but if you, or a group of you are interested in investing in someone who has a string of successes - then take a look at the What New Companies page and then, if still interested, talk to me.

APS: Asset Pro Solutions Inc. Experts in Asset Management for both Government and Private organizations. I own half the company and I'm VP Development.

  1. Providing Asset management to Municipalities, School Boards, Hospitals, Property Management companies and others through out the world. Solutions being installed in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. If you have Assets, you need Asset Pro Solutions.
  2. Mobile Computer Application Development (Windows Mobile and Android) to companies that need sophisticated or Q&D applications interfacing with their enterprise database. We also used to do Palm and some other technologies but not anymore. We do not do iPhone apps due to Apples rules whch include the right to drop your product if you use competitors products (such as Microsoft) to develop part of your iPhone app, and that is just too big of an investment risk for companies that are building corporate applications. We do recognize for consumer apps that the iPhone must be included in your plans and the risk that Apple can kill your business is a risk you have no choice to accept, but for us, we don't accept that risk and have chosen to not make that an area of expertise.

HCS & Madman Industries Inc. Business/Computer Consulting/ Lectures, specializing in enterprise web based solutions - applications for the web.  Technical vetting for VC's looking at computer technology based startups. Excellence in the business processes and work with/manage the artistic people to blend the look and feel  And yes...I do personally all the look and feel of "this" web site so you can't blame the people I hire for other web sites.

Photos By Madman - A premium photographic service for families, pets, weddings, magazines and corporations. Specializing in natural style family (including weddings) and pet photography, along with the occasional commercial/magazine work. Photos by Madman Photography started for me as a hobby more than 3.5 decades ago and grew into a love. I have been fortunate to have the time available to run a photo business on a part time basis and provide the highest quality work for families, magazines and corporations.  Depending on the purpose of the final product I shoot with a variety of equipment ranging from Digital to Omega 4x6 (ie each picture is on a negative or transparency 4"x6" - great for wall sized enlargements!) Currently accepting a limited number of new clients.  I accept projects based on my time availability - I admit - this company is just plain downright fun! I love to do challenging projects and unique weddings (on a glacier was a favorite)

From time to time when I have told people my current list of projects, someone will ask me jokingly "Is that all?". I replied (honestly) well, actually, no! But none of these are appropriate to broadcast publically right now so... when appropriate, one or more will show up above. If you choose to start a company with me you will get more advanced information. If you are interested in advice on investing and/or you are interested in how I am investing my money, check out: Investment opportunities - now and future Please note that, in general, if you want to partner with me, you need to talk to me about the opportunities that are not on this list. By the time they make "this" list, there is almost never a chance for additional partners to be involved.