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This is often out of date - after all, I busy running whatever I'm doing right now! But it provides some long term info that some people (1?) tell me they find interesting. Thanks mom for asking.

Created: 2005.08.11 | Last updated: 2020.06.29

of Foothills County (now Calgary) Alberta Canada

Created: 2003.05.11 | Last updated: 2008.02.17

Business overview

Created: 2019.10.08

I was going to be polite and not mention that this interaction happened with Walmart photo centre because this is so typical of so many companies. But I guess I changed my mind.

Created: 2001.08.16 | Last updated: 2009.07.07

Interesting things

Created: 1993.09.03

I've had a bit of experience in inventory count, and I've though more about it - yes I think about weird things! Here are some thoughts that might help you if you are doing inventory counts (or should be.)

Created: 2020.03.07 | Last updated: 2021.02.02

When my wife and I returned from Costa Rica on March 5th 2020, there had been almost a vacuum of information on COVID-19, now ... it changes daily or hourly.

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