Past Companies

What about AAII/S3J/MapEasy/Radisco/SilverStream Journal etc..,?

Through the years, my wife and I have sold 100% of our interest in those businesses. All have been bought out by other companies and been incorporated into the buying company or everything of value was sold.

Most companies prefer to buy the assests, trademarks, web sites etc.., rather than actually corporate entity, some even rebrand them. AAII was initially bought out by individual investors, I'm told that AAII's product was subsequently sold to a separate corporation, the customer base still knows the product as "Auto-Administrator" but the product branding has been changed for sales reasons. So no, I have no involvement with these companies anymore. They are a proud part of my short history, but they are no longer a part of my Business world.

Note: All my companies are always for sale in part or in whole for the right amount. No "my baby" syndrome here.