pCalc FAQ

Q. What is it?
A. Peter's Personal Potent Preferred Pocket PC Processor, or the p-Calculator for short.

Q. What does it do?
A. It is a series of Pocket PC Calculators all rolled into one PocketPC (and if you register, a copy that works on the Windows desktop (and probably other .NET 1.1 machine) as well!)

Q. What does it cost?
A. First of all it is shareware, you can use it for 30 days for free. After that the cost is based on its value to you subject to the registration minimums. If you like it and pay at least the registration minimum, you are using it legally.

$5 USD -  If all you use is the page with the highly efficient "normal" calculater

$10 USD - if you use one or more of the pages (and don't fall into the rules below)

$15 USD - if you use the Photographic page but you are only an amateur photographer

$25 if you use the Photographic page and you make money doing photography

$25 if you are in the Real Estate or Banking industry. (Oh, and I've heard all the excuses why a specific Real Estate Agent shouldn't have to pay the $25 because of blah blah. Do us both a favor if you are tempted to try to convince me to charge less, just lie to me and pay less - that saves us both time and effort. Shareware is on the honor system, if you are going to cheat - just do it and don't waste my time trying to justify your dishonesty. That is just adding insult to injury. So, if you are a Real Estate agent and you feel the need to cheat and steal, just do it and don't bug me.)

$20 - all other professional use

Q. What do I get if I pay the registration minimum?
A. A variety of goodies:

Q. Why isn't there a link to pick it up right now?
A. It is currently undergoing a major revision to add several of the calculator pages. I am working on it in my spare time (and I'm a work-a-holic so I truly don't have a lot of spare time.) I'm having fun using it, if you are interested in playing with a raw version, contact me and I'll send you a copy to play with. If you have a corporate reason why you need some of the features quickly, lets talk a reasonable price to get your needs dealt with quickly and I will give you a corporate unlimited version (as many users as you want) that will be valid through version 4.x. Think in the range of $5,000USD. Note that I have plenty of experience on bringing excellent software products to completion, both in companies I owned that installed big projects and doing "by the hour" or "by the project" consulting. I do have the ability to juggle some of my other projects around for a paid job.