When I'm asked ....

When I'm asked ... My Favorite Dilbert:

Instructor: OK class, can anyone tell me a good reason to come to mouse training class?

Wally (Bouncing with hand stuck up as high as it can go): Oh! Oh! Pick me, Pick me!

Instructor. OK Wally.

Wally (Calmly). No.

If you don't get it ... read it again carefully.

When I'm asked ...  "How do you spell it" ... I often reply "I" "T". (Same concept for "How do you spell that"

When I'm asked ... How I spell a particular word ... I reply "I type something close into MS-Word and then hit F7". (This one is terribly outdated. Now that almost every program has copied MS-Word for this I just type something close into whatever program is most convenient then look at whether any red squiggles appear underneath then check for the correct word.)

When I'm asked ... Do you have a minute? ... I reply "If I don't die in the next 60 seconds."

When I'm asked ... Do you ever give a short answer? ... I reply 'no'.

Actually, I don't give the above answers very much anymore. They have become "old tired" jokes - except for the Dilbert one ... I never get tired of that joke.