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These are things that have made me smile through the years. I hope they bring joy and light to your life.

Created: 2017.10.25

The new iOS 11 calculator only sometimes comes up with 6 as the answer to 1+2+3

Created: 1995.04.21 | Last updated: 2020.06.03

Created: 2019.10.08

True story, moderately humorous (no humans hurt.)

Created: 2003.11.10 | Last updated: 2020.10.11

Created: 2017.10.24

How old am I? Do you mean physical or mental or ...?

Created: 2005.01.07

Below I'm starting a collection of 'sayings' and my expectation of how they came about. A watched pot never boils, If you heat with...

Created: 2019.10.18 | Last updated: 2020.06.25

Simple physics, and the fact that the human eye can 'rove' where a camera can't in a specific picture. Oh ... and God made it better than man has made cameras, at least so far. And when someday the camera does better, remember it was God that gave humans the ability to make cameras, so he still wins on the top quality rank.

Created: 2002.08.12

Canada Citizenship Test, for anyone wanting to live in Alberta

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