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Chocolates by Debora Fleck. I'll put a link up as soon as she has a web site.

Bernard Callebaut Chocolaterie Ltd (403) 265-5777 - I used to like these, they are still OK, but since he has gone into massive volume, the quality just isn't what it used to be. Too bad. But I guess it makes him a lot of money.

I also like a lot of Swiss Chocolate. And certainly I stock up every time I'm in Switzerland - very good quality for low $$$


Canon 30D. 20D is good too. 5D too, but I don't have one.

OmegaView 45 - a very flexible large view camera.


Only or my 45 camera: Fuji NPC, Fuji NPS, Kodak Portra family. And, for quick medium quality shots, you can't beat polaroid!


Lithium ION whenever possible. When not passible, I've been using the NiMH for yearsI won't ever ever go back to NiCAD of any type shape or form. I will NEVER buy a powertool that uses NiCAD f they don't use NiMH, they don't exist in my books anymore.  Update: I found an exception - the Ridgid brand of tools guarantees their batteries for 3 years - even if you use them commercially! They do it by having air channels that they blow air through while charging. Very interesting! They are outlasting even my AA NiMH's.


Panel Saw

Auction house:

www.ebay.com  but no, I would NOT buy shares in it - they are over priced way too much last time I looked.


Home Depot Yippeee - they opened one only 6 miles south of me!

Plastics: Chinook Plastics (Vacuum forming) and Inventors Plastics  (Extrusion/Injection)