Canada Test


A Friend of mine in 2002 was applying for Canadian Citizenship. I am a long term Canadian, I am also a nice guy, so I started creating my own test for Canadian Citizenship at the time. I told him it was to help him prepare for the test. (He did pass the official test, I'm convinced my practise test was a significant assistance to him.) Here's the 2002 Canadian Citizenship Practice test.

  1. For 2 points: Name the Prime ministers of Canada - the Eastern Canada one, and the Western Canada one. Answer: Cretien (East) Harper (West)
  2. For 52+11 points: How many stars will there be on "our" flag when we join the U.S.A."? Answer: 61 - Ontario and Quebec won't be coming to the party.
  3. For 0 or -1 points: Name 1 IMPORTANT difference between us and US. Answer: No points if you draw a blank on this one. 1 point deducted for lying if you put anything down. (Listen to the "I am Canadian" rant - you will see there isn't even one significant difference between us and US. Albiet, a lot of meaningless differences.
  4. For 2 points: Spell Liberal. (Don't worry, we will be liberal in accepting all reasonable spellings.) Answer: Bonus points if you capitalize the first L in Liberal, one point deducted if you capitalized the second l.
  5. For 1 point, name which State Canada is closest to. Answer: Montana or...(When travelling in the US, I have been asked where I live, I said Canada. They replied, Oh, that's next to ______ <-- fill in the blank with one of the 13 Northern States.)
  6. For 15 points (7 in Alberta): Name the Tax that Cretien invented to, in his words, "Kill, Scrap, Destroy" the GST? Answer: HST. 1500 Bonus points if you explain how the HST simplified the tax. Now instead of a flat GST 7% tax plus 0% provincial in Alberta and PST provincial in the other provinces. We have GST (mostly at 7%) in some, HST in 4 and a half (Labrador) others (different rate in each), No PST in Alberta, Different rate of PST for all other provinces except those with HST, different discount GST rates for local government, schools, hospitals, natives in provinces with GST, a different HST rate for each of them in provinces with HST, 0% GST on some items. No GST on others (and yes the difference between 0% and No GST make a true HUGE difference for the companies involved, because they can claim more GST rebates if it is 0% GST, but they cannot claim them all if there is No GST) now some items in some provinces have a varying HST depending partly on whether the items in question used to be exempt from the PST, so you can have partial HST, full HST, 0% HST, No HST - and yesssss... 0% vrs No HST makes a difference on the ITC calculation! And all of the above also varies depending on whether the SELLER is a GST registrant or not most of the time, except when buying real estate, then the it is whether the BUYER is a GST registrant. Oh, and normally the Seller is responsible to collect and remit the GST and or HST except when buying real estate when the Seller is responsible depending on the buyers status, and if the buyer lies, then the seller must remit to the buyer and then the buyer remit to the government and the seller recapture from the government, except that - well, there is a 3 hour course I went to given by a Rev. Canada official who explained that really even he didn't even understand all the when's and whys and that each transaction should be reviewed by a panel at Rev. Canada, and if later the panel is found to of erred, the Buyer and Seller are still responsible for what should have been done, not with Cretien's government told them to do. And within each province, there may be one or more FNT (First Nations Taxes) that replace the GST and/or HST, and the rules of application are always different from either the GST or HST. And Cretien decided to introduce over 1000 special situation other rules introduced to SIMPLIFY the tax!
  7. For 1 point: Which is further South, the State of Oregon or the Province of Ontario? Answer: See Interesting Facts below.

I admit, this is a pathetic attempt at a joke exam. Only 6 questions (I learned how to count from Hedy Fry - see below if you don't get it), and only one really funny one (Hint: #3 is the funny one).

If you have a suggestion to add to this list, do let me know, I will be happy to consider it as long as it has the pretence of being funny and isn't crude. (Jokes about our egomaniac/meglomaniac Cretien or the "Foot in Mouth" disease MP Hedy Fry will be gratefully accepted.)

Interesting facts: And yes, the first set are all true in their essence:

Interesting near-facts: (They are fairly true or could have been true but probably aren't completely)