iOS 11 uses 'new math'

Wow! The iOS 11 calculator has new math programmed right into it.
If you try entering 1+2+3 quickly into the iOS 11 calculator you will almost never have 6 as the answer.
If you go rather slowly, it works. But even at a medium speed it fails.
I guess Steven Jobs doesn't need accurate math where he currently is! Here's one thread discussing it

The thing you have to do ... type very slow, careful and watch the screen. While autocorrupt is sometimes humorous in text, autocorrupt when using the calculator can be very costly. ... You can save money buying the flagship Google or Samsung phone and get a calculator that gives you the correct value.

If you don't get the humor of the last line: Jobs was well known for claiming that the way Apple products were designed was based on: If he didn't need a feature, then you don't either. This was his claim, this is not a slight against the company - it is (was) their official stance while Jobs was alive.

btw ... every OS has it's problems. I'm not picking on Apple. Funny thing ... it seems Apple is the only one I have to apologize for pointing out its many bugs - users of every other OS are willing to admit their favorite OS is not perfect.

Full disclosure: I own and use an iPhone, 2 iPads and a Mac Mini. For phone I preferred the Windows phone but that is dead for all intensive purposes, for daily use I prefer and use a Samsung Galaxy S8+ as of late 2017. For tablets I prefer the iPad to the several Android and Windows tablets I also own. For desktop and laptop I prefer to use my Windows 10 computers - though I also use Ubuntu and Mint Linux for some things as well as Raspberry Pi and Arduino for others. I have a few others, such as palm pilots but I never use them anymore.

Published: 2017.Oct.25     Last edited: 2017.Oct.25


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