Race to 2025, Take 1

Created: 2017.09.17

Do you want to financially help, or help in other ways to bring literacy to every living language in the world? I do!

I have been invited today to join a 'Race to 2025' team. The race is designed to raise awareness for and to raise money for world wide literacy. The 'to 2025' part is because of a desire to have every remaining living language in the world to have started literacy (written language and related) by the year 2025. It is an aggressive goal.

For those of us that can read and write English, we take it for granted. But for millions of people, it is not a reality. For a small percentage of them, they can read and write in the trade language, but for most of you who have ever worked in a second language, you know that your mother tongue, your 'heart' language is the only one that really speaks to you at your core. The February 2018 Race to 2025 that I am participating in is a race up and down mountains in the snow, climbing frozen waterfalls and more. If you would like to participate (running in the race or financially supporting) let me know, I'll post more here later. Or do a search on the internet 'Race to 2025 Wycliffe'. I hope you will consider donating. My goal is to raise $5,000. I'm also committing to losing 10lbs before the race (I've been losing weight the last couple months so this is in addition to that weight loss.) Donate now (Canadians)! USA personal donors This is the project that the US race, Race for Possible through JAARS now is sponsoring. Then after you donate, you need to let me know or Sam Wuermli know how much you donated and for who, (me if you are donating on my 'account'), it is. If you get a receipt for the donation, it would be good if that could also be forwarded to Sam so he has official confirmation of the amount and donor. Unfortunately, JAARS does not have a comment field in their donation process and would not be able to screen and forward that to Sam directly. The funds will go to the US race project but it is all part of the same goal - the goal of achieving this for every language in the world.