Old Testament Theology

"The Foundation of our beliefs" by Peter Horwood aka Madman Pierre

Parts of these were used for lesson notes for my fall 1999 Grade 4 Sunday school class and from time to time I made minor updates - and may still in the future! They were done 1st for my own personal study, 2nd for my children and 3rd for the Sunday School class listed. Down the road I may use the notes for other purposes. The comments in these pages are my interpretation and my opinion. I do not claim that I have researched them well enough to stand on them as absolute truth. In some cases, they may be wrong, in which case I apologize. If you feel you have details on why I am wrong, please feel free to email me your comments. But please understand, unless I know you personally, or unless your comments are very intriguing, I probably won't reply unless I decide to use your comments or unless I think there is a huge benefit to you to having me correct your thought process. But on the other hand, these thoughts are more than just a whim. There has been thought put into them and there has been comments from theologian and pastoral friends that has been incorporated into them, so I hope you find them educational and I hope they bring you closer to understanding God the Father, God the Son aka Jesus Christ Saviour, and God the Holy Spirit.  

Why the Old Testament?

Organization of the Old Testament

Heaven. You and me. What about "all dogs go to heaven" *

Hell. Is it just a swear word? *



Status of Women*



Who can be saved? Just the Jews?

Who can be saved? Salvation Before the age of Maturity (includes reference to Infant Baptism) *

Who or what is God?

What about Jesus?

Knowing God's will (I will be working on these notes over the coming years.)

Talmud and the Apochrypha

What about the different versions? NIV, NIrV, NASB, Hebrew, Greek?

* I have also placed a * beside the topics which have 1 or more sections that may be considered "controversial" by some (I'm not trying to hide them you see...). If you want to know more I'd be happy to discuss it with you in person, via email or direct you to a hidden web page with a detailed discussion on how I treat/react to/deal with controversial issues such as those.